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Not Everything Is About You...But Some Things Are

BFA Thesis, 2020

Due to CoVid-19 I was not able to have a typical BFA Thesis show so I created a book instead. 

Not Everything Is About You, But Some Things Are is a series of digitally designed posters that express and release the thoughts that keep me up at night. When placed next to each other, these pieces share themes of inner discovery, heartbreak, as well as growing up and becoming an adult in your early twenties. The medium of the poster allows for freedom when it comes to the graphics. My thoughts are not all the same font, size, and color, so neither is my art. Finding inspiration in the comedic stylings of David Shrigley and Lily Tomlin, I like to play with the visual humor in a piece. I often find myself giving a poster with a sadder phrase a happier tone through typeface and color pairings, choosing to go against what the viewer might initially expect it to look like. This playfulness allows for something that started from a deep and personal place to become relatable and accessible to an audience of my peers experiencing the same struggle of becoming an adult.

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